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Latest Update: February 19, 2014
The National Academy of Engineering has started a new initiative to understand the role of manufacturing, design, and innovation in making value for America’s future. Launched by the October 2011 NAE Annual Meeting Forum entitled Making Things: 21st Century Manufacturing and Design, this initiative will consist of a multi-year portfolio of activities—including workshops, symposia, and consensus studies.
Primary Contact: Katie Whitefoot

Transformational changes are occurring in US-based manufacturing, design, and innovation. US manufacturing employment has significantly changed due to increasing globalization, industry restructuring, and automation of the factory floor. At the same time, innovations in technologies and business models—such as additive manufacturing, robotics, biotechnology, and “servitization”—present important opportunities for new value creation in the United States. In 2011 NAE launched the Manufacturing, Design, and Innovation Initiative to understand the effects of these changes on US prosperity and employment and their implications for business practices, research, education, and public policy.

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  • [Event]

    February 27, 2014

    National Academies Beckman Center,

    Irvine, California

    Making Value for America National Conference

    A National Conference on Value Creation and Opportunity in the United States. The United States is facing a critical juncture to ensure future prosperity: promising opportunities abound to create innovative products and services, but it is not clear how to seize these opportunities and ... Read More

  • [Project]

    In Progress

    Making Value for America Study

    This project seeks to build on the wealth of recent reports on US manufacturing and contribute something new. First, we are not solely focusing on production but on the entire value chain. In the 21st century, “making things” (i.e., the production of physical goods) cannot be ... Read More

  • [Speech]

    September 30, 2012

    What Are We Waiting For? Sputnik? An Explanation of Today’s World? New Ways of Working? National Strategy?

    Transcript of NAE President Charles M. Vest's address at the 2012 National Academy of Engineering Annual Meeting in Washington DC on September 30 2012 Read More

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    Why I am optimistic about manufacturing

    This is an expanded version of my welcoming address to the "Workshop on Building the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation," September 27, 2012, held at the western conference center of the National Academies, Irvine, California.

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In Progress
  • Manufacturing is in a period of dramatic transformation. But in the United States, public and political dialogue is simplistically focused almost entirely on the movement of certain manufacturing jobs overseas to low-wage countries.