2010 EU-US FOE

European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering
U.S. National Academy of Engineering

2010 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering

September 1-3, 2010
Jesus College, Cambridge, U.K.


Symposium co-chairs: Richard A. Williams, University of Leeds, and Sergio Verdu, Princeton University

Session chairs: Robert Wood, Harvard University, and David Edwards, Le Laboratoire and Harvard University

How Insects Fly and Turn
Jane Wang, Cornell University, USA

Bio-Concrete: A Novel Bio-Based Material
Henk Jonkers, University of Delft, the Netherlands

Sensory Guidance of Locomotion: From Neurons to Newton’s Laws
Noah Cowan, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Self-Assembling Nanomedicine for Oncology 
Harivardhan Lakkireddy, Sanofi Adventis, France

Session chairs: Richard Baraniuk, Rice University, and Mislav Grgic, University of Zagreb

Exploiting Diversity and Specialization in Intelligent Systems via Adaptive Combination
Jeronimo Arenas Garcia, University Carlos II, Spain

Managing Massive Interference
Helmut Bolcskei, ETHZ, Switzerland 

Discovering and Exploiting Structure in High-dimensional Data Sets
Martin J. Wainwright, University of California, Berkeley, USA 

Compressive Sensing
Emmanuel Candes, Stanford University, USA

Session chairs: Ronald Azuma, Nokia Research Center Hollywood, and Jakob Andreas Baerentzen, Technical University of Denmark

Spatial Augmented Reality:  Merging Real and Virtual Worlds
Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab, USA

Visual Tracking Methods for Augmented Reality 
Georg Klein, Microsoft, USA

Mobile AR: How Smartphones Can be Used to Augment Reality
Daniel Wagner, Qualcomm Austria Research Center

Interaction Techniques for AR by Non-Intrusive Devices
Alex Olwal, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Session chairs: Carina Maria Alles, DuPont Engineering Research and Technology, and Paul Collier, Johnson Matthey Technology Centre

Industrial Ecology and Cradle-to-Cradle Management of Materials
Sangwon Suh, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA   

Examples of Highly-Integrated Approaches to Manufacturing Advanced Materials-I
Klaus Hellgardt, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine-UK

Steel: A Sustainable Material
Jean-Sebastien Thomas, AcelorMittal, France

Sustainable Life Cycle Management of Complex Products: Automobiles
Wulf-Peter Schmidt, Ford Motor Company