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2014 Annual Meeting Noteworthy Event

September 2014 - NAE President C. D. Mote, Jr. and his wife Patsy hosted some of NAE’s most generous members and friends at this year’s Golden Bridge Society Dinner held at the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum. The Sunday evening dinner has become an annual tradition to recognize and honor NAE’s best donors.

An extraordinary number of donors were welcomed into the Academy’s three lifetime giving societies – Einstein, Golden Bridge and Heritage. An unprecedented eight Einstein statuettes were presented. Three new members were welcomed into the Heritage Society, and 16 new Golden Bridge Society members were honored. Find out who was recognized.

$500,000 Gift to Vest Fund from Peter O'Donnell, Jr.

April 2014 - The NAE is pleased to announce that Peter O'Donnell, Jr., a long-time supporter of engineering, science, and math education, generously gave $500,000 to the Charles M. Vest President's Opportunity Fund.

"Chuck was an extraordinary academic and engineer, impressive president of MIT, very able president of the National Academy of Engineering, and a man of excellent character -- he is very much missed," Mr. O'Donnell said. "With this gift, I wanted to honor his important contributions to math, science, engineering education, and policy."

Peter O'Donnell imagePeter O'Donnell, Jr.

Grainger Foundation Commits $3M to FOE

The National Academy of Engineering greatly appreciates the Grainger Foundation's generous $3 million commitment to NAE's Frontiers of Engineering (FOE).

We are pleased to continue our support for the Frontiers of Engineering symposia, which have a proven track record for establishing critical connections between outstanding young engineers around the world,” said David Grainger, president and director of The Grainger Foundation.

Peter Farrell Challenge for Classes of 2012 and 2013

Last year, Peter Farrell (’12), a new member from Section 2 sponsored a $100,000 challenge to match gifts made by members of the classes of 2012 and 2013. 38% of our newest members responded to the Peter Farrell Challenge and blew past our $100,000 goal raising over $544,000 and inspiring a couple of $100,000 gifts.

Thanks to Peter’s great generosity, the newest NAE members were encouraged to support NAE’s mission and moved to help meet our 50th Anniversary goal of 50% giving participation.

The Charles M. Vest President's Opportunity Fund

Dr. Charles M. Vest passed away on December 12, 2013 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was president of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) from 2007-2013. During his tenure, Dr. Vest strengthened and augmented the strategic programs of NAE. He exercised his visibility as NAE president to play a prominent role nationally and internationally. He helped reshape the landscape of engineering education, research, and practice, the public’s understanding and perception of engineering, and the attributes future engineers will require to compete and lead in the emerging global economy.

To honor him and his service to NAE and the engineering profession, members and friends established the Charles M. Vest President’s Opportunity Fund in 2012, with a goal of raising $10 million.

This fund will support exploratory studies, seed new initiatives, and supplement existing strategic programs, as directed by future presidents of NAE. The fund will empower NAE to be proactive in identifying and leading initiatives to benefit the nation and engineering profession. The NAE cannot afford to lose precious momentum, or be late to the table, due to a lack of project funding.

Chuck Vest President's Fund

Gifts made in memory of Dr. Vest will support the Charles M. Vest President’s Opportunity Fund unless otherwise indicated.


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