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  • The Ying and Yang of It--A Commentary on Science and Engineering

    One of the NAE’s Engineering Grand Challenges is “Engineer the Tools for Scientific Discovery”, an evergreen challenge that will always be with us. Science does not always precede engineering—witness the Mars Rover Perseverance, but sometimes scientific brilliance can only be validated by sustained engineering brilliance—witness LIGO.

  • So, Your Kid Doesn't Want to Be an Engineer?

    A July 8 article in the New York Times provides "Advice for Artists Whose Parents Want Them to Be Engineers." But what if you are the parent, who just wants your kid to make an informed choice? The NAE has useful resources for you.

  • EngineerGirl Announces 2021 Class of Student Ambassadors
    Tue, September 14, 2021
    The National Academy of Engineering today announced the new class of the EngineerGirl Ambassadors program. The 24 new ambassadors will participate in a yearlong program designed to build leadership skills in female high school students by helping them promote engineering to younger students in ...
  • We Must Never Forget
    Fri, September 10, 2021
    The presidents of the National Academies join the nation in commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In a statement, they said, “We must never forget that fateful September day, nor how the country came together as one in response.”
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  • Oct22021
    Oct 02 2021 - Oct 04 2021
    On behalf of the officers and councillors of the National Academy of Engineering, I am pleased to invite you to attend the NAE 2021 Annual Meeting, October 2-4. With the programmatic theme Engineering Responses to Climate Change , the meeting will take place virtually because of the COVID-19 ...
  • Oct62021
    Oct 06 2021 - Oct 21 2021Promising Practices and Innovative Programs in the Responsible Conduct of Research
    The Promising Practices and Innovative Programs in the Responsible Conduct of Research virtual workshop will be held October 6, 7, 20, and 21, 2021. It will provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussions of (i) effective strategies for building a culture of responsible conduct of research ...
  • Oct202021
    Engineering for a Healthy and Resilient Future
    Join us on Oct. 20 for an international webinar—Engineering for a Healthy and Resilient Future—organized by the US National Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and UK Royal Academy of Engineering, highlighting the role of engineering in solving the many and varied challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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NAE Perspectives offer practitioners, scholars, and policy leaders a platform to comment on developments and issues relating to engineering.
  • image for Protecting Human Health through Biotechnology Breakthroughs and Platforms
    Moderna spent a decade combining chemical, systems, and bio engineering advances to create the mRNA platform for its COVID-19 vaccine. On November 15, 2020, after 4 months in large-scale Phase 3 clinical testing, Moderna received resounding proof that its new class of medicines based on messenger RNA encased in lipid nanoparticles could be safely deployed as a highly effective vaccine to combat the covid-19 pandemic. Read the latest NAE Perspectives as chairman Noubar Afeyan explores lessons learned to stop other health threats.
  • image for ERs Rise to the Covid-19 Challenge: Teamwork between Engineers and Healthcare Providers Cuts ER Waiting Time
    Last year COVID-19 patients overwhelmed many hospital ERs.A process redesign implemented at one hospital, with 350 inpatient beds and 29 ER beds, illustrates how system engineering enabled us to better navigate the challenges of the global pandemic. A new NAE Perspective by HCA Healthcare, Brett Rungwerth and Kealoha Deutsch looks at how engineers teamed up with health care providers at HCA Healthcare to help speed patient care.
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