“Are We Alone? Grand Challenges in Solar System Exploration”

2022 Yvonne C. Brill Lecture in Aerospace Engineering
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    Mon, August 22, 2022
    The NAS has several awards honoring engineering including awards for Chemistry in Service to Society, Industrial Application of Science, and Chemical Sciences, the James Prize in Science and Technology Integration, and the Michael and Sheila Held Prize. Deadline, Oct. 3, 2022.
  • NAE Member Selected as 2022 Global Energy Prize Laureate
    Mon, July 18, 2022
    NAE member Kaushik Rajashekara honored as winner of the New Ways of Energy Applications category for “outstanding contributions to transportation electrification and energy efficiency technologies while reducing power generation emissions.”
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NAE Perspectives offer practitioners, scholars, and policy leaders a platform to comment on developments and issues relating to engineering.
  • image for Eliminating Poverty for a Cooler Planet
    Robin Podmore (NAE) is president, Incremental Systems Corp. (IncSys). Anjan Bose (NAE) is Regents Professor, School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Washington State University.
  • image for The Growing Role of Clinical Engineering: Merging Technology at the Point of Care
    Fiza Shaukat is a native of Pakistan living in the United States. As a biomedical engineer, she was eager to improve her country’s medical devices and digital health strategies. She approached us in 2018 seeking expertise in clinical engineering, which focuses on the point-of-care intersection between the use of health technology and the expertise needed for optimal support and resource management.
  • image for Ensuring Human Control over AI-Infused Systems
    Human control over technology was a concern thousands of years ago when early humans sought to ensure safe use of fire. Later, control over horse-drawn wagons and eventually steam engines led to debates about how to make the most of their benefits while limiting dangers. Now questions of control are central in the design of AI-infused technologies, for which some advocates envision full machine autonomy while others promote human autonomy.
  • image for Augmenting Our Thinking through the Nexus of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Art
    Today, more urgently than ever, we need to augment our thinking. The world faces enormous challenges of unprecedented complexity—problems that intertwine in a dizzyingly interconnected, interdependent, and changing landscape. Few of them—especially those dealing with energy, environment, and social structures—admit clean solutions with clear endpoints.
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