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Deleting Passwords

PostedNovember 17, 2013

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Anchor Lead: Most of us find it hard to remember the increasing number of passwords we need…so some experts are renewing a push for broader use of biometrics.

Randy Atkins: Technologies can scan and identify unique characteristics like your fingerprint, face, or voice. Stephen Elliott, of Purdue University, says they’ve been tried and tested and…

Stephen Elliott: …from a usability perspective it’s just so much easier for me to just to place my fingerprint down or to take a picture of myself on my phone.

Randy Atkins: And Elliott says it’s probably easier for hackers to figure out a code than to create a fingerprint.

Stephen Elliott: The level of security of biometrics is greater than that of a PIN or a password.

Randy Atkins: For added security, you could even combine them.

Stephen Elliott: Maybe you’d like to have a face plus a voice...

Randy Atkins: …or periodically change between various biometrics. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.