Summit Series on the Grand Challenges 2009 and 2010

2009 NAE Grand Challenges Summit

Event Details
Duke University Pratt School of Engineering
Durham North Carolina

The Duke University Pratt School of Engineering and co-sponsoring institutions the University of Southern California and the Olin College of Engineering, have announced the Summit on the NAE Grand Challenges for the 21st Century on March 2-3, 2009 in Durham, NC.

All NAE members are invited to attend. Summit registration and preliminary program can be found on the Duke University website.

The Grand Challenges are a critical grouping of problems that must be addressed and solved in order to maintain our national security, quality of life and sustainable future. Addressing issues this complex will necessarily require innovation and cooperation from engineers of all kinds, as well as policy makers, economists, geologists, biologists and sociologists, to name a few. It is not always easy to get experts from all these different fields to come together to voice their ideas or learn new approaches.

A Summit--pulling the best minds together for debate and focused conversation--is one way to build the community who will build our future. We hope you will be a part of that community.

NAE President Charles Vest will open the event and Moira Gunn, host of NPR's Tech Nation and BioTech Nation, will serve as Summit moderator.

Confirmed speakers and panelists include:

  • Physics Nobel Laureate Steven Chu
  • Millennium Technology Prize winner and MIT professor Robert Langer
  • Palm-pilot inventor and neuroscience entrepreneur Jeff Hawkins
  • Donald Kerr, Deputy Director of National Intelligence
  • William Rees, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Laboratories and Basic Sciences
  • James Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy
  • Environmental scientist Robert Socolow of Princeton University

Duke dean of engineering Tom Katsouleas, USC dean of engineering Yannis Yortsos and Olin College president Rick Miller are the co-sponsors and organizers of this event.