Engineering Equity Extension Service (EEES)


Resources and materials created by EEES and CASEE staff as well as collaborators include the following--

  • Practical guides to recruit, retain, and advance women in engineering (New Directions in Engineering Excellence series of booklets, presentation slides, and videos),
  • Research summaries and overviews with practical guidance for engineering faculty on enhancing the success of women in engineering (CHANGE and ARP Suites),
  • Summaries and distillations of current literature in educational psychology, sociology, and behavioral science into single page briefs targeted for use by engineering faculty (TIPS and DEEP series) and administrators, and
  • A 71-page guidebook to on proposing and managing education-focused projects (especially those submitted to NSF's education directorate) is targed to engineering faculty with a strong interest in educational innovation and vigorous responses to the NSF Broader Impacts Criterion (PWPM guide).
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