Nadya A. Fouad
Distinguished Professor and Chair, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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Nadya Fouad, in addition to her faculty position at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), is the immediate past editor of The Counseling Psychologist. She served as Associate Dean of the School of Education from 1995-1998, as Chair of the Task Force on the Climate for Women at UWM and as chair of the Graduate Faculty Council. She was recipient in 2003 of the John Holland Award for Outstanding Achievement in Career and Personality Research, the 2009 APA Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training Award, the 2009 Janet Helms Award for Mentoring and Scholarship, 2010 Paul Nelson Award by the Council of Chairs of Training Councils and received the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs. She was President of Division 17 (Counseling Psychology) from 2000-2001. Fouad is 2011 chair of the APA Ethics Committee, and is a past chair of the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs (2003-2007). She was a member and chair of the Board of Educational Affairs (2004-2006). She is currently chair of the Competencies Workgroup (2006- present). Fouad serves on the editorial boards of the, Journal of Vocational Behavior and the Journal of Career Assessment. She has published articles and chapters on cross-cultural vocational assessment, career development of women and racial/ethnic minorities, interest measurement, cross-cultural counseling and race and ethnicity. She is currently working on studies to examine the persistence of women in engineering careers. She served as co-chair (with Patricia Arredondo) of the writing team for the Multicultural Guidelines on Education, Training, Practice, Research and Organizational Change, which were approved by the American Psychological Association in August, 2002 and published in the American Psychologist in May, 2003.

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