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Particle Fever

PostedMarch 16, 2014

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Anchor Lead: The movie “Particle Fever”, opening in D-C on Friday, takes you on the quest to discover an elusive sub-atomic particle theorized to be the key to how everything in the universe formed.

Randy Atkins: Scientists said it should exist, but actually spotting the Higgs Boson, a particle critical to physicists’ model for how matter is created, required a monstrous seventeen-mile-long, five-story-tall machine that could precisely track fleeting paths of the very tiniest pieces of matter.

Mark Levinson: In terms of being able to understand the world around us, you know, at some point you have to interact with it and there’s where you need the experimentalists and the engineers and, you know, the people that actually build these things.

Randy Atkins: Mark Levinson directed the film “Particle Fever” which highlights six of the 10-thousand people working on the Large Hadron Collider that ultimately found the mysterious Higgs.

Mark Levinson: Our film is not about the awe of what’s out there. Ours is about the awe of doing it.