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Particle Fever 2

PostedMarch 23, 2014

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Anchor Lead: How do you tell a nail-biter story with a plot that hinges on one of the most complex ideas in science? The director of a movie that opened in D-C this weekend thinks he’s got the answer.

Randy Atkins: Mark Levinson made the film “Particle Fever” to show a slice in the lives of real scientists and engineers working on a massive experiment to find the missing piece of an important physics theory.

Mark Levinson: The first reaction we got almost all of the time from people was “Oh, wow, they’re like normal people.” And you know that is disturbing and revealing in many ways.

Randy Atkins: Levinson says it will be hard getting young people to pursue the big questions and issues of our time if popular culture portrays scientists and engineers as characters they can’t relate to.

Mark Levinson: You see “Particle Fever” and think “I could actually do that. That’s a person, and they seem like a cool person too.”

Randy Atkins: A person who you’ll root for, not to win a game, but to solve one of the world’s biggest mysteries and challenges. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.