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Skilled Trades and STEM

PostedApril 27, 2014

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Anchor Lead: He starred in a popular T-V show about “dirty jobs.” So what’s Mike Rowe doing in D-C at this weekend’s U-S-A Science and Engineering Festival?

Randy Atkins: They probably aren’t the first professions that come to mind when you think about science and engineering…welder, plumber, and other skilled tradespeople. But Mike Rowe, who hosted the T-V show Dirty Jobs, wants to highlight the connection between hands-on work and innovation.

Mike Rowe: They’re not opposites; they’re two sides of the same coin.

Randy Atkins: Bold science experiments require both exquisite engineering and precise – if sometimes dirty – tradecraft, as do things we take for granted every day.

Mike Rowe: We can’t have civilized life as we know it, we can’t have reliable plumbing, affordable electricity, or bridges that stay up without big bright brains constantly focused on unraveling the engineering mysteries that allow those things to exist in the first place. But you also can’t have them without skilled tradesman who are out there tending to them day in and day out.