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Communicating Climate Change

PostedMay 18, 2014

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Anchor Lead: Just this year, a series of major reports have warned that climate change is happening and that we are already feeling damaging effects. So why aren’t more people paying attention?

Randy Atkins: Despite those strongly worded reports, Ed Maibach of George Mason University, says Americans incorrectly believe there is disagreement among experts so…

Ed Maibach: …are less likely to believe climate change is real, human-caused, serious, and solvable. And they’re less likely to be engage in thinking about what they personally can do.

Randy Atkins: Maibach says people can do things…from pressing their leaders to act…to personal fuel usage choices…to supporting research.

Ed Maibach: While there is no silver bullet, there are quite a few silver buck shots.

Randy Atkins: Engineers are working on many ideas for reducing carbon emissions and Maibach says we also need to start thinking harder about ways to adapt.

Ed Maibach: There are lots and lots of important steps that families and particularly communities, states, and our nation ought to be considering in terms of preparing for the impacts that are unavoidable at this point.