Understanding the Engineering Education-Workforce Continuum

Session 4: Factors Influencing the Educational and Career Decisions of Degreed and Practicing Engineers

November 20, 2014 08:45 AM – 10:15 AM
  • What factor or factors most explain BS engineering graduates’ choice of occupation (engineering, engineering-related, and non-engineering-related), and how do these factors and their influence change over time?
  • Are these factors the same as or different than those influencing the entrance of non-engineering-degreed workers into the engineering workforce?
  • Are those with engineering degrees choosing willingly or being diverted unwillingly to engineering-related and non-engineering-related work?
  • How if at all does the specific engineering discipline influence or align with occupational choice and career development?
Amy Javernick-Will
Amy Javernick-Will
Assistant Professor, Nicholas R. and Nancy D. Petry Professor in Construction Engineering and Management
University of Colorado at Boulder