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Personal Thermostat

PostedFebruary 13, 2015

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Anchor Lead: You’ve probably been in an office where the temperature setting’s way too cold…or on an overheating plane stuck on the tarmac. Enter the personal thermostat.

Randy Atkins: It’s a bracelet and Sam Shames, co-founder of what they’ve called the Wristify, says it sends waves of heat or cold to the underside of the wrist and that...

Sam Shames: …by extension actually increases and improves overall whole body comfort by taking advantage of human thermal perception.

Randy Atkins: Shames says our bodies are most sensitive to the rate of temperature change – for example, it’s a shock when you jump in a cold pool, but then you get used to it – so a pulse of cold can really cool you off.

Sam Shames: The individual user can tailor the duration, frequency, and amplitude of the heating and cooling pulses to their individual needs.

Randy Atkins: Shames even thinks this can be environmentally-friendly.

Sam Shames: Why heat or cool a building, when you can heat or cool a person?