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White House Science Fair

PostedMarch 22, 2015

Anchor Lead: This weekend, some of the nation’s most talented young scientists and engineers are headed to Washington.

Randy Atkins: They’ve won competitions with rockets, robots, even writing. Now those students will be showing off their talents, imagination, and creativity at Monday’s White House Science Fair. Pat Falcone, an associate director in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, says the goal is…

Pat Falcone: …celebrating excellence, celebrating inquiry, and celebrating bringing tools together to be able to tackle a lot of important issues.

Randy Atkins: This Fair will have a special focus on encouraging girls to follow their unique passions through a science or engineering project.

Pat Falcone: A kid gets to figure out what’s an important question and how might you answer it. What’s special is, it’s their question.

Randy Atkins: It will be the fifth such event, and Falcone says Mr. Obama is an eager participant.

Pat Falcone: The time on the President’s calendar lengthens each time.

Randy Atkins: With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.