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Medical Math

PostedJune 21, 2015

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Anchor Lede: A recently launched project is aimed at putting more consistency in healthcare.

Randy Atkins: Combining math and medicine, Georgia Tech engineer Eva Lee, is analyzing the details in medical records to understand why…

Eva Lee: …two patients may have the same illness and same staging but if they go to two different providers they are given different types of medications, different type of treatment.

Randy Atkins: Lee is crunching ten years of data from millions of patients and about four-hundred providers…

Eva Lee: …trying to identify what is the best practice, that means what type of treatments will give us the best outcome, if those patients have a similar type of illness.

Randy Atkins: Lee is optimistic that’s possible, but says getting the word out to doctors will be the next challenge. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.