Philip M. Neches
Founder, Teradata Corporation
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Philip M. Neches [NAE] is the founder of Teradata Corporation. Dr. Neches served as the Chief Technology Officer at idealab! in 1999. Dr. Neches served as a vice president and chief technology officer at Multimedia Products and Services Group, AT&T Corporation from 1994 to 1996, senior vice president and chief scientist at NCR Corporation from 1989 to 1994 and led both the repositioning of their computer product family and the product plan for a merger at AT&T. He founded Teradata Corporation in July 1979, where he served as vice president and chief scientist from 1979 to 1988. Dr. Neches began his career as a manager of Systems Evaluation Group at Transaction Technology Inc., where he led analysis of consumer banking networks, including the first large-scale deployment of automated teller machines in the United States. He has been an independent consultant and advisor at a number of public and private information technology companies since September 1996. He serves as chairman and member of the Advisory Board at Foundation Ventures, LLC. He serves as a member of the Advisory Board at Evolution Venture Partners LLC. He serves as Member of the Advisory Board of Tizor Systems, Inc. He has been a Director of International Meta Systems, Inc. since November 1996. He has been a Member of Board of Advisors at Simulmedia, Inc. since November 4, 2013. Dr. Neches serves on the Board of Directors of PeopleLink, Inc. He also serves on the Advisory Board of EarthLink, TACODA LLC, Luxtera, Inc., and the Technology Group of Merrill Lynch. Dr. Neches serves on Caltech’s Board of Trustees and sits on its Audit, Investment, Business and Finance, Development, JPL, and Executive Committees, and chairs the Technology Transfer Committee. He served as a director of Expand Beyond Corporation and Vendquest Inc. He served as director of Evolving Systems Inc. from August 19, 2005 to January 3, 2011. He served as a director of International Rectifier Corporation from October 2006 to November 7, 2007. He served as a director of DemoGraFx and MediaMap. He is one of America's leading technologists and has more than 30 years of leadership in the field. Dr. Neches received his formal training at the California Institute of Technology, where he completed his B.S. degree with Honors in 1973, M.S. in Engineering Science in 1977, and Ph.D. in computer science in 1983.

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