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Super Halftime Show

PostedFebruary 7, 2016

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Anchor Lede: The staging for tonight’s halftime show needs to be fully set up in the middle of the football field in about seven minutes. And that’s just one of the challenges.

Randy Atkins: The Super Bowl halftime stage not only needs to be engineered for quick setup but, of course, also to create a wow-factor. James Casalino, engineering manager at All Access Staging Productions, says this year’s was highly custom built.

James Casalino: It’s our job to take the artistic design and turn that into reality. Figure out the structure. Figure out how to make it safe, make it magical.

Randy Atkins: Packing in lights, pyrotechnics, sound, video…and then, just as quickly getting it all off the field as though it was never there.

James Casalino: It’s still ultimately about the football game and so we can’t do anything that would damage that.

Randy Atkins: Casalino says they’re ready, but…

James Casalino: …the first half of the football game is just nerve-wracking.