Robert B. Friend
Boeing Phantom Works
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ROBERT B. FRIEND is the Chief Engineer for Space Systems in the Boeing Phantom Works (CA).  He has 31 years experience in engineering and program management, and is a 31 year employee of the Boeing Company, beginning his career on the Space Shuttle program, one of the businesses acquired by the Boeing purchase of the Rockwell Aerospace and Defense businesses.   Prior to this he was Chief Engineer for Advanced Space and Intelligence Systems, and Chief Engineer for Boeing’s Small Satellite programs which encompass company efforts to develop new spacecraft designs, avionics, and software and was responsible for the initial development of the Boeing 702SP, the  first commercial all electric propelled spacecraft. Previous to the AS&IS Chief Engineer position he was Director for Platform Engineering in Boeing’s Southern California operations, responsible for engineering at 4 sites and the technologies of Mechanical, Structural, Tooling, Configuration Design, Aerodynamics, GN&C, Acoustics, Aerothermal, Mass Properties and Propulsion engineering, and was Co-Leader for the BDS Flight Function, a functional engineering team which coordinated tool, technology, process, and staff development across 14 separate Boeing sites. Prior to the Platform Engineering directorship, Bob was Chief Engineer and Program Manager for the Orbital Express program, a DARPA project that successfully demonstrated autonomous rendezvous, docking, and propellant and commodity transfers between satellites.  In this position he received the Engineer of the Year award for the Boeing Huntington Beach and Anaheim sites, and the Orange County Engineering Council’s James E. Ballinger Engineer of the Year award.  Prior to Orbital Express, he managed the Attitude Control Systems Engineering (ACS) department at Boeing’s El Segundo Satellite Development Center, where he was also the ACS lead for the XM3/4 spacecraft.  Other leadership and program execution positions that Mr. Friend has held include- Functional and technical leadership of the Ascent, Orbit, and Entry Guidance, Controls and Dynamics group, Rockwell Orbit GNC team lead for Shuttle/Mir Docking missions, and Boeing Non-Advocate Review team lead for TDRS-I recovery efforts. He attended school at Northrop University in Inglewood, CA, graduating in 1984.

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