Understanding and Improving K-12 Engineering Education in the United States

Michael Feder Biography

Michael A. Feder, Ph.D. is a senior program officer with Board on Science Education at the National Research Council.  He is co-study director for the Academies K-12 engineering education project and study director for the Review of NOAA Education Programs. Previously, he worked on two NRC synthesis studies: Learning Science in Informal Environments, and the Review of NASA’s Pre-college Education Programs. He has a background in child development and education evaluation. His interests include applications of cognitive and social development theories to student learning, teacher development, research methods in education, and educational research to policy and practice dissemination. Dr. Feder has experience in evaluating and providing technical support to national, state, and local education initiatives such as the What Works Clearing House, Ohio Math Science Partnership Program, and Girl Power. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from George Mason University.