Understanding and Improving K-12 Engineering Education in the United States

Steve Meyer Biography

Steve Meyer is currently a high school and middle school Technology and Engineering instructor in Brillion, Wisconsin. He teaches a variety of courses in engineering, design, and manufacturing. Steve previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and received his master’s degree in Technology Education at the University of Wisconsin Stout. Steve has a broad-based education in mathematics, the sciences, and technology and believes strongly in the need for technological literacy for everyone. In his career so far, he has been very involved in education initiatives at the local, state, and national levels such as a Wisconsin Technology Education Association District Representative, a CATTS author, curriculum writer for project Probase, intern at the National Academy of Engineering, and has served on the board of directors for the International Technology Education Association. Along with teaching, Steve owns an educational consulting company called Technological Literacy Curriculum (TLC) Solutions in which he does school assessments, curriculum development, public speaking, product testing, and new teacher training.