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Global Challenges School

PostedSeptember 4, 2016

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On Tuesday, ninety students will begin a first-of-its-kind program at Alexandria’s Edison High School….that focuses on preparing them for real global challenges.
Randy Atkins: The students are committing to a three-year curriculum in which science, math, and engineering are combined…and taught as needed in tackling real world goals. So, Scott Settar of Fairfax County Public Schools, says, for example, they might be taking algebra, geometry, and calculus all at once.
Scott Settar: We don’t solve problems in the workforce, or even in our daily lives, in siloed content areas. We take content knowledge that we know from our different areas of expertise and put them together to solve those problems. And that’s the way we think school should be taught.
Randy Atkins: Settar says “change the world” challenges are also motivating, and he believes this is a model that could transform education nationwide.
Scott Settar: We’re not preparing students to take a test, but preparing them for life.

Randy Atkins: The students will still take state-mandated subject-matter tests, though on a slightly altered time table. And Settar is confident that they will do even better because of the program. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.