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Adaptation to Sea Level Rise

PostedOctober 9, 2016

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Adaptation to Sea Level Rise



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Sea levels are rising and there’s a growing realization that we may not stop it. So, around the world, engineers are considering how to adapt.


Randy Atkins: The Dutch been vulnerable to flooding for centuries. Bart de Jong, who counsels on infrastructure and environment at the Netherlands Embassy, says more than half their population lives below sea level.

Bart de Jong: The initial reaction is to build dams, levees, dykes, things like that.

Randy Atkins: But, anticipating increasing flood threats, they’re…

Bart de Jong: …shifting to a policy to accommodate sea level rise, to create room for water in our country.

Randy Atkins: That includes widening rivers, building urban water retention systems, even…

Bart de Jong: …creating floating residential areas in cities…

Randy Atkins: ...where you don’t need to worry about water level. The Dutch are working with U-S engineers on similar strategies. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.


Adaptation to sea level rise will be the topic of a National Academy of Engineering forum on October 10. To find out more, go to N-A-E - dot - E-D-U - slash - RADIO.