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Pharmacy on Demand

PostedDecember 11, 2016

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Anchor Lede: Someday you might not need to worry about whether your medication is in stock…because it can be made on demand.

Randy Atkins: The military, concerned about getting medicines to soldiers in remote locations, wants a way to…

Allan Myerson: …make them when you needed them so you wouldn’t have stockpile potentially be expiring with time.

Randy Atkins:  Allen Myserson, a chemical engineer at M-I-T, is part of a team working on a small-scale drug factory. Their prototype is the size of a large refrigerator. From raw chemicals, it can synthesize active ingredients, purify them, and formulate a liquid with the correct dosage (pills and capsules are in the works).

Allan Myerson: We have this all programmed, we have a recipe and a method for each drug.

Randy Atkins: They’re already making four common medications and working on more.

Allen Myerson: Our goal is about a two-hour time to switch over from one drug to another.

Randy Atkins: The system might find use in national emergencies, third world countries, clinical trials, and for making rare drugs. Myerson says it could get F-D-A approval in a couple of years. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.