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Student Day

PostedMarch 26, 2017

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LEDE: This summer, teams of US college students will compete with counterparts in other countries at a “Shark Tank”-like business plan competition aimed at tackling the biggest issues of our time.

Randy Atkins: The competition focuses on 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering. The top eleven U-S teams recently had a playoff here in D-C to select five finalists. Yannis Yortsos, University of Southern California’s dean of engineering, is organizing the event.

Yannis Yortsos: Added value will come from activities like this: entrepreneurship, innovation, looking at important big problems, a lot of interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as service learning.

Randy Atkins: Andrea Belz, who teaches innovation skills at U-S-C, is helping prepare students from the U-S, Britain, and China for the competition.

Andrea Belz: It can help engineering students really connect the dots between the things that they’re learning in class and actually having impact in the real world.

Randy Atkins: This Student Day competition will take place at a Global Grand Challenges Summit to be held in D-C in July. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.