Chentel Neat
Colbert Museum Magnet School
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Chentel Neat currently works at Colbert Museum Magnet school as the STEM magnet coordinator has been a teacher with Broward County Public Schools for the past 8 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Florida International University and is also ESOL and Gifted endorsed. She has taught both 1st and 2nd grades and currently works at Colbert Elementary Museum Magnet school as the 2nd grade gifted/high achievers teacher.  Colbert’s magnet program is focused on STEM; a portion of the curriculum focuses heavily on these areas and the school utilizes various programs and curricula to enhance the STEM Museum component of the magnet program. Colbert currently uses the Engineering is Elementary curriculum to address the "E" in STEM. In 2013, Neat was recorded by the Museum of Science, Boston teaching one of the units. These recordings were developed into Classroom Videos for the EiE website and serve to support teachers as they use the curriculum. Neat has also been awarded a scholarship from EiE that provides the opportunity to train to become a professional development provider of their curriculum.

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