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2017 NAE-AAES Convocation of the Professional Engineering Societies

Artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems are increasingly present in engineering applications and are extending their roles into social systems. With their expanding role come unique challenges, opportunities, and complexities, including unforeseen consequences. The first of two panel sessions, “Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems in Engineering: The Challenges and Opportunities of This Frontier,” will explore the technologies of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems in a variety of disciplines—aerospace, mining operations, and smart manufacturing—as well as an initiative to advance the alignment of ethics with the design of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. The second session, “Ethics and Autonomous Vehicles,” will examine ethical and social issues associated with advances in artificial intelligence and the development of semi-autonomous and autonomous ground vehicles for personal and commercial use.

The webcast will be live at 8:30 AM EDT on Monday, April 24th. For additional questions, please contact Jatryce Jackson at