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Google Brain

PostedMay 14, 2017

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LEDE: A team of engineers at Google is working to give machines the ability to learn…with the aim of improving products and services.

Randy Atkins: It’s a challenge to give the silicon in computers complex biological traits like the ability to understand language, text, and visual cues in the world around them. But that’s what Jeff Dean, who leads the Google Brain team, is trying to do.

Jeff Dean: We want to build sort of intelligent computer systems and then allow those systems to assist humans to accomplish more than they were able to accomplish before.

Randy Atkins: Dean’s group is training computers, less through coding than by actual learning through observation and experience. Their tasks might range from manufacturing to spotting cancers in medical images

Jeff Dean: We can actually have a model that performs better than a pathologist at that task through these learning algorithms and training data.

Randy Atkins: Dean says his computers can even teach each other. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.