NAE Distinguished Honoree Program

  • 2016 RECIPIENT
    Ralph J. Cicerone
    National Academy of Sciences
    Outstanding achievements, his meritorious service to the National Academy of Engineering and his advancement of the sciences, education, and the national welfare
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At its discretion, the NAE Council may confer the title "Distinguished Honoree" on any living individual, including a member of the NAE, in recognition of outstanding achievement in, or distinguished service to, the advancement of engineering and its benefits to mankind, the engineering profession, or the NAE, Non-members who receive this award have all the privileges of membership in the NAE, however, they do not have the right to vote on Academy matters, are not subject to dues or assessments, and are not eligible to serve as an officer, a member of the Council, or as a member of a standing committee established under the NAE Bylaws.