James H. Doolittle
James H. Doolittle Distinguished Honoree Award
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Gen. James H. Doolittle

distinguished aviator, engineer, and leader, has exemplified by his achievements the highest standards of the engineering profession; and

WHEREAS Gen. Doolittle, as a pioneer in the theory and practice of the design and analysis of aircraft structures, has significantly advanced the safety and reliability of flight; and

WHEREAS Gen. Doolittle, as an expert pilot, flight instructor, and inventor, has exemplified the spirit of engineering by his personal and practical application of aeronautical theory; and

WHEREAS Gen. Doolittle, through extensive service to both the private and public sectors, has shaped national science and technology policy;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council of the National Academy of Engineering hereby designates Gen. James H. Doolittle as a Distinguished Honoree of the Academy in recognition of his outstanding achievements and his distinguished service to the advancement  of aviation, engineering, and the nation's welfare.

September 29, 1992


Robert M. White                                                                     Richard M. Morrow
 President                                                                                               Chairman

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  • Distinguished Honoree
  • 1992
  • Outstanding achievements, his meritorious service to the National Academy of Engineering and his advancement of the sciences, education, and the national welfare