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Stunt Engineering

PostedMarch 25, 2018

LEDE: He calls himself a “stunt scientist” and has created dramatic scenes for many Hollywood movies…but thinks his process can be more powerful for kids than the final product.

Randy Atkins: Steve Wolf engineers stunts that bring excitement to the screen.

Steve Wolf: The engineering challenges are really what makes the stunt work fun for me, and being able to have the opportunity to solve problems that no one’s addressed before.

Randy Atkins: For Wolf, that might be unique ways of flipping cars or creating explosions…but he has his sights set on sparking even loftier ambitions in students.

Steve Wolf: When we use movie stunts and special effects to engage kids in science education, we’re priming them to be able to solve the problems that their generation is going to face.

Randy Atkins: Wolf runs camps and does performances that show kids how to put physics and chemistry into action, with the hope that it will inspire them to take on real world goals. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.

TAG: Wolf will be performing at the USA Science and Engineering Festival at the D-C convention center at noon this coming Saturday.