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Smartphone to Microscope

PostedJune 14, 2018

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 Lede: Researchers have engineered a way to transform smartphone pictures to laboratory quality microscopic images.

Randy Atkins: The new imaging technique could help bring high-quality medical diagnostics into resource-poor regions around the globe. Aydogan Ozacan, a UCLA engineering professor who’s leading the effort says there’s a huge need for microscopes that are…

Aydogan Ozcan: …cost effective, field portable, and compact, that can actually generate the same quality of images that you'd expect from their lab grade counterparts.

Randy Atkins: Ozcan’s team made an inexpensive smartphone attachment that increases resolution and reveals new details in their images. Then, through a form of artificial intelligence called a deep learning network, the images can be enhanced even further.

Aydogan Ozcan: Once you train this network with several hundreds of samples, we’ve shown that this transformation is extremely robust.

Randy Atkins: The whole system, a smartphone and laptop, is easily portable and can send pictures across the globe in seconds. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.