Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering

2011 Charles Stark Draper Prize Selection Committee

Dr. John G. Kassakian, Chair
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Rodney A. Brooks
Panasonic Professor of Robotics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mr. Paul Citron
Retired, Vice President, Technology Policy and Academic Relations 
Medtronic, Inc.

Dr. Charles Elachi
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Nancy D. Fitzroy
General Electric Company

Professor Hans G. Forsberg
Aangpannefoereningens Forskningsstiftelse

Dr. Donald C. Fraser
DRS Technologies

Dr. Herbert Gleiter
Institute of Nanotechnology

Dr. Joseph W. Goodman
William A. Ayer Professor, Emeritus
Stanford University

Dr. Tatuso Izawa
Executive Vice President
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Dr. Stephen B. Jaffe
Distinguished Scientific Advisor, Retired

Dr. William H. Joyce
Chairman and CEO
Nalco Company

Dr. Mark Kryder
University Professor
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Frank T. Leighton
Professor, Applied Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Richard N. Wright
Retired Director, Building and Fire Research Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Dr. William A. Wulf
University Professor and AT&T Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University of Virginia