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  • 2017 NAE Annual Meeting Webcast
    The webcast will be available on Sunday, 08 October 2017 between 12:30–5:30 PM EST and Monday, 10 October 2017 between 09:30 AM – 12:30 PM.


  • 2017 Global Grand Challenges Summit Youtube Playlist

    On July 18–20, 2017, the third and largest Global Grand Challenges Summit (GGCS), jointly organized by the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE), UK Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE), and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), was held in Washington on the campus of George Washington University. Nearly 900 people attended, half of them undergraduate or graduate students.


  • 2017 NAE Annual Meeting

    The 2017 National Academy of Engineering Annual Meeting will be held October 8-9, 2017 at the National Academy of Sciences Building. The theme of this year’s meeting is Autonomy on Land and Sea and in the Air and Space. The meeting agenda will address ethical questions and the abundant opportunities provided by the emergence of autonomous technologies.


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  • Professor Keith J. Beven, FRS
    Lancaster University
    Elected 2017
    For contributions to the understanding of hydrological processes and development of the foundations of modern hydrological modeling.
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  • Dr. Selda Gunsel
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC
    Elected 2017
    For leadership in developing and manufacturing advanced fuels and lubricants to meet growing global energy demand while reducing CO2 emissions.
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  • Mr. Gordon van Welie
    ISO New England
    Elected 2017
    For improving reliable operation of the power grid through enhanced grid control, new market structures, and innovative transmission planning.
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  • Dr. Paula T. Hammond
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Elected 2017
    For contributions to self-assembly of polyelectrolytes, colloids, and block copolymers at surfaces and interfaces for energy and healthcare applications.
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  • Dr. Jon C. Schaeffer
    GE Power
    Elected 2017
    For contributions to the development and implementation of advanced materials in industrial gas turbine engines.
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