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Science and Engineering Festival on the National Mall

PostedOctober 17, 2010

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Randy Atkins: The event was organized by entrepreneur Larry Bock. He says it will be lots of fun, but his reasons for doing it are serious…pointing to a steadily declining U-S student passion for creating the technologies that drive modern life.

Larry Bock: Unless we can reinvigorate the interest of our young people in science and engineering, we will have outsourced innovation and…where innovation occurs, that’s where all the jobs cluster.

Randy Atkins: But, he says, kids get the wrong messages.

Larry Bock: Society gets what it celebrates. So we celebrate Lindsey Lohan and Brittany Spears and we generate a lot of Lindsey Lohan wannabes but we do not celebrate science and engineering.

Randy Atkins: If you want to take part in next weekend’s festivities, events are both Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 5:30PM. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.