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Santa's an Engineer

PostedDecember 21, 2012

Anchor Lede: Are you one of those non-believers who think it’s impossible for Santa to make all those deliveries in a single night? Well then maybe you didn’t consider that Santa might be a clever engineer.

Randy Atkins: Santa and his elves have been working on gift-delivering technologies undistracted for a long time, figures North Carolina State University engineer Larry Silverberg. He says perhaps they’ve discovered how to make the weird concepts Einstein showed us practical…in the form of “relativity clouds.”

Larry Silverberg: In these relativity clouds, space and time act differently.

Randy Atkins: So Silverberg calculates Christmas Eve as six Santa-months and says altering space lets him morph into houses.

Larry Silverberg: In homes where you don’t have chimneys I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Randy Atkins: And not all the presents are carried in that sleigh.

Larry Silverberg: Santa Claus knows how to create so-called nano-toy makers that would actually grow the presents under the tree.

Randy Atkins: Silverberg says don’t be skeptical.

Larry Silverberg: If you stick to your child-like instincts, and you look around and you look at all the things that are possible that really seem magical in everyday life…

Randy Atkins: …it isn’t so hard to believe. With the National Academy of Engineering, Randy Atkins, WTOP News.