Inclusive, Diverse, and Equitable Engineering for All (IDEEA)

  • Inclusive, Diverse, and Equitable Engineering for All (IDEEA) is a Center for programs that inform, inspire, and provide opportunities for K-12 marginalized youth and their caregivers to learn about and engage with engineering. Working closely with educators, communities, and families, IDEEA programs will highlight the impacts of engineering in society and encourage youth to consider the rewards of an engineering degree and career.
Key Contacts

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) seeks to advance the well-being of the nation by promoting a vibrant engineering profession.  To broaden participation in societal decision making around issues of technology, generate more creative solutions to problems, and promote a more representative and robust engineering workforce, the NAE will convene a one-year IDEEA Guidance Committee of experts who will consider programs, organizations, communities, and research across the nation and distill a set of frameworks, strategies, and metrics that will guide long-term work. The Guidance Committee will also generate a set of possible activities and priorities that could nurture talents of diverse youth. This work will form the foundation for the future work of IDEEA. After the first year, a Standing Committee of experts may oversee the implementation of new outreach programs for K-12 youth, oversee current EngineerGirl programs, and advise the NAE about issues related to programming for equity diversity, and inclusion. This work twines closely with education, ethics, and public understanding of engineering to inform and support young people and their families.