Joon Yun
Joon Yun
President and Managing Partner, Palo Alto Investors
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Joon Yun is president and managing partner of Palo Alto Investors LP, where he focuses primarily on the evaluation of pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies. Board certified in radiology, he previously served on the clinical faculty in the Department of Radiology at Stanford University (2000–06). He has served on numerous boards, and is currently a trustee of the Salk Institute. He and his wife Kimberly launched the $1 million Palo Alto Longevity Prize, an incentive prize to encourage teams from all over the world to compete in an all-out effort to “hack the code” that regulates human health and lifespan, and donated $2 million to support the National Academy of Medicine’s Healthy Longevity Grand Challenge.

He received his BA in biology from Harvard University and MD from Duke University School of Medicine.

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