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  • Dr. Thomas F. Kelly
    Steam Instruments, Inc.
    Elected 2021
    For design and commercialization of the local electrode atom probe to yield 3D atomic-scale analysis of materials.
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  • Professor Jong-Shi Pang
    University of Southern California
    Elected 2021
    For the development of methods to advance the theory and applications of optimization and operations research.
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  • Ms. Pamela A. Melroy
    Melroy & Hollett Technology Partners, LLC
    Elected 2021
    For contributions to human space flight, space access, space situation awareness, and military aeronautics systems.
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  • Professor Frederick Dryer
    University of South Carolina
    Elected 2021
    For contributions to understanding of combustion processes for propulsion and transportation applications and for fire safety.
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  • Dr. Josh Makower
    New Enterprise Associates
    Elected 2021
    For inventing balloon sinuplasty, and for leading the commercialization of this and multiple other innovations.
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President's Corner
NAE Perspectives
NAE Perspectives offer practitioners, scholars, and policy leaders a platform to comment on developments and issues relating to engineering.
  • image for Driverless Motor Vehicles: Not Yet Ready for Prime Time
    According to safety experts, more than 90% of motor vehicle crashes involve driver error,[1] and many believe that replacing drivers with automation could significantly reduce the number of crashes. Well-considered automation could compensate for human susceptibilities such as fatigue, distraction, and impairment that contribute to crashes, and thus greatly reduce the loss of nearly 40,000 lives every year on US streets and highways. Read more in a Perspective by Christopher A. Hart, founder of Hart Solutions LLC and former chair of the National Transportation Safety Board.
  • image for Protecting Human Health through Biotechnology Breakthroughs and Platforms
    Moderna spent a decade combining chemical, systems, and bio engineering advances to create the mRNA platform for its COVID-19 vaccine. On November 15, 2020, after 4 months in large-scale Phase 3 clinical testing, Moderna received resounding proof that its new class of medicines based on messenger RNA encased in lipid nanoparticles could be safely deployed as a highly effective vaccine to combat the covid-19 pandemic. Read the latest NAE Perspectives as chairman Noubar Afeyan explores lessons learned to stop other health threats.
  • image for ERs Rise to the Covid-19 Challenge: Teamwork between Engineers and Healthcare Providers Cuts ER Waiting Time
    Last year COVID-19 patients overwhelmed many hospital ERs.A process redesign implemented at one hospital, with 350 inpatient beds and 29 ER beds, illustrates how system engineering enabled us to better navigate the challenges of the global pandemic. A new NAE Perspective by HCA Healthcare, Brett Rungwerth and Kealoha Deutsch looks at how engineers teamed up with health care providers at HCA Healthcare to help speed patient care.
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