Election to National Academy of Engineering membership is one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer. Members have distinguished themselves in business and academic management, in technical positions, as university faculty, and as leaders in government and private engineering organizations. Members are elected to NAE membership by their peers (current NAE members).
  • Professor Christopher W. Jones
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Elected 2022
    For contributions to the design and synthesis of catalytic materials and for advancing technologies related to carbon capture and sequestration.
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  • Professor Franz-Josef Ulm
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Elected 2022
    Contributions to nanoscale improvement of concrete and other materials and structures important for sustainable development of infrastructure and energy resources.
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  • Dr. Farshid Guilak
    Washington University in St. Louis
    Elected 2022
    For contributions to regenerative medicine and mechanobiology, and their application to the development of clinical therapies.
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  • Dr. John Davies
    Intel Corporation
    Elected 2022
    For contributions in computer technology to improve education and health care, stimulate economies, and enrich lives throughout underdeveloped countries.
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  • Dr. Bahram Jalali
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Elected 2022
    For contributions to silicon photonics, high time-resolution scientific instruments, and biomedical imaging.
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Abdelrazaq, Khalid Ahmad Rise Global LLC & Samsung C & T Corp.
Afeyan, B. Noubar Flagship Pioneering
Altintas, Yusuf University of British Columbia
Andres, Juan Moderna Therapeutics
Arbige, V. Michael DuPont USA
Argrow, Brian University of Colorado Boulder
Aung, MiMi Amazon Kuiper Systems LLC
Balazs, C. Anna University of Pittsburgh
Baraniuk, Richard Rice University
Bergeron, Kathleen Apple Inc.
Bhuvaneswari, Gurumoorthy Mahindra University
Bizios, Rena The University of Texas at San Antonio
Bovik, Conrad Alan The University of Texas
Brandon, Peter Nigel Imperial College London
Bridges, R. Charles Corvista Health
Brown, Thomas Edwin University of Queensland
Cao, Jian Northwestern University - Evanston
Carter, John Paul Genentech
Chandrasekaran, Natarajan Tata Sons Private, Ltd.
Clark, L. Robert University of Rochester
Clayton, B. Norma The Boeing Company
Cohn, Maxwell John MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
Croak, R. Marian Google, LLC
Czerwinski, Mary Microsoft Research Lab - Redmond
Davies, John Intel Corporation
De Yoreo, J. James Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dettinger, Michael Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dudney, J. Nancy Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Durlofsky, Louis Stanford University
Elgamal, Taher Salesforce
Faist, Jerome ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Instititute of Technology)
Fang, Daining Beijing Institute of Technology
Fantone, D. Stephen Optikos Corporation
Fernandez, I. Nuria Federal Transit Administration
Fields, I. Craig U.S. Department of Defense Defense Science Board
Filas, A. Barbara Independent Consulting Engineer
Gray, Denise LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc. Tech Center
Guilak, Farshid Washington University in St. Louis
Hajjar, F. Jerome Northeastern University
Hammack, S. William University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Harris, Leonard Resource Development, Inc (RDI)
Hart, M. Daniel Virgin Orbit
Hashash, M. Youssef University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hoehn, G. Klaus John Deere Company
Hooper, D. John Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Inc.
Hoveida, Bahman Accurant International, LLC
Hrabowski, A. Freeman University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Hruby, Marie Jill Department of Energy
Hylton, M. Nola University of California, San Francisco
Ioannou, Petros University of Southern California
Irwin, A. Peter Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc. (RWDI)
Ishak, S. Waguih Corning Research & Development Corporation
Jalali, Bahram University of California, Los Angeles
Jansen, U. Kathrin Pfizer Inc.
Jenekhe, A. Samson University of Washington
Jones, W. Christopher Georgia Institute of Technology
Karlin, Anna University of Washington
Karniadakis, Em George Brown University
Kenny, W. Thomas Stanford University
Kezunovic, Mladen Texas A&M University
Kotanchek, Theresa Evolved Analytics LLC
Kulkarni, D. Ravindra Elkay Chemicals Private Ltd.
Kwon, Wook Hyun Seoul National University
Lappos, D. Nicholas Lockheed Martin Corporation
Levoy, Stewart Marc Stanford University
Lieberman, P. Norman Process Chemicals, Inc.
Liebert, Rebecca Lubrizol Corporation
Lin, Chao-Hsin The Boeing Company
Liu, Bin National University of Singapore
Lueders, Kathryn National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Madix, J. Robert Harvard University
Magnus, H. Sandra AstroPlanetview, LLC
Mahajan, Vithal Ravi Intel Corporation
Manuel, V. Michele University of Florida
Mauro, Christopher John The Pennsylvania State University
McDonald, D. John GE Grid Solutions
McDonald, Rufus James University of Strathclyde
Meehan, D. Nathan CMG Petroleum Consulting, Ltd.
Mehrotra, Sanjay Micron Technology, Inc.
Menassa, J. Roland Champion Home Builders, Inc.
Mensah, Paul Pfizer Inc.
Miller, N. Daniel Lockheed Martin Corporation
Monismith, G. Stephen Stanford University
Musk, Reeve Elon SpaceX
Mussallem, A. Michael Edwards Lifesciences, LLC
Myers, Allen Herbert Ag Leader Technologies
Myers, M. Roger R. Myers Consulting, LLC
Nadella, Satya Microsoft Corporation
Naeim, Farzad Farzad Naeim, Inc.
Nahrstedt, Klara University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nordenson, Jérôme Pierre Guy Princeton University
O'Neill, P. Richard Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy
Or, Dani Desert Research Institute
Palmour, Williams John Wolfspeed, Inc.
Parris, James Colin GE Digital Energy
Pedreiro, Nelson Lockheed Martin Corporation
Peters, Eric Kenneth Stanford University
Petti, A. David Idaho National Laboratory
Phipps, T. Maryann Estructure, Inc.
Popovic, B. Zorana University of Colorado Boulder
Rajala, A Sarah Iowa State University
Reiman, I. Martin Columbia University
Riel, Heike IBM Research, Zurich
Robinson, K. David Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Sahinidis, V. Nikolaos Georgia Institute of Technology
Sapiro, R. Guillermo Duke University & Apple, Inc.
Schoenung, M Julie University of California, Irvine
Scow, M. Kate University of California, Davis
Shah, R. Manoj Independent Consultant
Sharma, Pradeep University of Houston
Shoemaker, L. Leslie Tetra Tech, Inc.
Singh, B. Deepika R&D Investment Holdings, LLC
Singh, P. Vijay Texas A&M University
Sperling, Daniel University of California, Davis
Suresh, Nagappa Byrana Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Thomsen, Leon University of Houston Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Tomizuka, Masayoshi University of California, Berkeley
Tsai, Keh-Chyuan National Taiwan University
Tucker, S. Rodney University of Melbourne
Ulm, Franz-Josef Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Veloso, Manuela JPMorgan Chase & Co. & Carnegie Mellon University
Ward, Maria Solveig Quanta Technology, LLC
Watkins, M. Michael California Institute of Technology
West, David Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
Whitney, Telle Telle Whitney Consulting, LLC
Willcox, E. Karen The University of Texas at Austin
Wyman, E. Charles University of California, Riverside
Yadav, D. Ganapati Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai
Yan, Yushan University of Delaware
Yang, Taiyin Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Yilmaz, Oz
Yurko, A. James Apple Inc.
Zhang, HongJiang Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence
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Affiliated Institution
Last Name
Engineering Discipline
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