Arthur M. Bueche Award

  • Louis J. Lanzerotti
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    For leadership in understanding the Earth’s radiation environment and its effects on communications and space hardware, and for contributions to public policy on space-based research.
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    Arthur M. Bueche Award - Remarks by Dr. Louis J. Lanzerotti, October, 2017

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Established in 1982, the Arthur M. Bueche (Bee' - kuh) Award honors an engineer who has shown dedication in science and technology, as well as active involvement in determining U.S. science and technology policy, promoting technological development, and contributing to the enhancement of the relationship between industries, government, and universities.

Awarded during NAE's annual meeting in October, the recipient receives a commemorative medal and hand-scribed certificate. NAE members and non-members are eligible to receive the Bueche Award.

Giving to the NAE Arthur M. Bueche Award