The Bridge

The Bridge publishes opinion and analysis on engineering research, education, and practice; science and technology policy; and the roles of engineering and technology in society. The intent is to inform and stimulate debate and dialogue among NAE members as well as policymakers, educators, business leaders, and other interested citizens.

The Bridge relies on its editor, NAE members, and staff to identify potential topics. Invited guest editors, who have expertise in a given issue’s theme, are asked to select authors and topics and to enlist colleagues to assess the articles for publication. In addition to its members, The Bridge's quarterly distribution of approximately 7,000 incluedes, Congress, federal agencies, universities, libraries, and interested individuals around the country and the world. 

The Bridge is delivered electronically to overseas recipients, or you may choose to download the issue in PDF format at This ensures timely receipt of each issue and reduces the number of undeliverable dispatches. If you wish electronic delivery, please send your email address to Penelope Gibbs (