Frederick Henry Todd
Dr. Frederick Henry Todd Gibbs Award
Naval architect and marine engineer, U.S. Department of the Navy
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Gibbs Brothers Medal
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Dr. Todd was a prolific author of more than one hundred fifty archival technical papers. His best-known works are his papers on Series 60 hulls, first published in 1957. These works provide a compendium of ship powering and resistance data developed from methodical testing of ship models in a towing tank. This standard hull series is still actively used. His other numerous professional publications include two books: Ship Hull Vibration, published in England in 1961, and its companion volume, Ship Resistance and Propulsion. From the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, he twice received the Captain Joseph H. Linnard Prize for the best paper presented at the society's annual meetings in 1951 and 1957. He was the first awardee of the Gibbs Brothers Medal by the National Academy of Sciences, in 1965, for his outstanding contributions to naval architecture and marine engineering. He was elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering in 1965.

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  • Gibbs
  • 1965
  • For his contributions to the theory of ship design through model experiments, and for his leadership in hydrodynamic research.