Step 1:  Complete the form, indicating where you are in terms of proposal development – Individual Interest, Concept Idea, or Complete Technology.

Individual Interest - No specific idea, but eager to help
I’m an individual who wants to see how I can help. I am interested in participating in our innovation hub or mentoring proposal teams through the procurement process.

Concept Idea - Idea with promise but undeveloped technology
I have a technology that I’d like to develop further and/or need to build my team.

Complete Technology - Idea with promise and technological maturity
I have a completed technology that has been tested. I would like to connect with the NAE incubator ecosystem for rapid deployment.

Step 2:  The Technical Screening Committee (TSC), comprised of Frontiers of Engineering alumni from academia, industry, and government, and divided into specialty groups that reflect the four themes, will review and triage proposals. Proposals with merit will be sent to an Expert Review Committee, composed of NAE members and others.

Step 3:  The implementation stage will be guided by the Expert Review Committee (ERC) and will help advance proposals that are most impactful to stakeholders, such as local governments, industries, and others in positions to take action.