Press and Media: COVID-19 Call for Engineering Action


Brandon Green 
Communications/Media Specialist
National Academy of Engineering

Troubleshooting the Pandemic: Engineers Pitch Innovative Solutions to Help Address COVID-19

While the world waits for a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection, international and multigenerational teams of engineers have come together through the National Academy of Engineering’s COVID-19 Call for Engineering Action to find creative solutions to problems caused by the pandemic. Their ideas aim to prevent the spread of the virus, help people most at risk, and make life easier under social distancing protocols.

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Softsonics: a device to take blood-pressure readings continuously

Softsonics is developing a soft, flexible patch that can be worn on the skin over the carotid artery or jugular vein, and which uses pulses of ultrasound to measure blood pressure. Such a device, the developers say, could provide continuous readings in deep tissue, which are not possible with current technologies. 

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UCF Researchers: Product Could Help Reduce Spread of Virus Droplets‚Äč

A UCF research team plans to change people’s saliva to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.The team plans to make saliva thicker with a product similar to a cough drop or thin strip to lower the number of airborne bacteria particles. They said the combination of a face mask and their cough drop will help lower social distancing from six feet to just two feet. They’re looking into scaling up their research through the National Academy of Engineering or through government funding with the help of the National Science Foundation.  

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The NAE Announces Engineering Call to Action on COVID-19

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has announced a Call to Action for engineers to crowdsource and collectively brainstorm engineering solutions for coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19). The COVID-19 crisis has placed the world in extraordinary circumstances. In addition to the medical and scientific expertise that is being brought to bear on this challenge, engineers too can bring their knowledge and skills as well as systems approaches and an innovative mindset to combat the contagion and its impact. 

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USC: A Call to Action For Engineers

USC Viterbi dean, faculty and students play key role in NAE’s Call to Action to finding engineering solutions to problems posed by COVID-19.With its Call to Action, the NAE — the most prestigious engineering organization in the country — seeks to create a “virtual incubator of ideas,” where a diverse range of engineers can come together to brainstorm ways that engineering could be used to propose and provide solutions to problems that have arisen due to this pandemic.

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The Engineering Bat Signal for COVID-19 Went Out. She Answered It.

How Julia Sircar, a Class of 2020 graduate, came to work with top engineers to combat a pandemic.

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