What We're Up To

Announcement 6/8/2020

The past few weeks have been very exciting for the NAE COVID-19 Call To Action project! Our first set of teams graduated I-Corps training, and our second cohort is in their second week of the program. We're finalizing plans for a Demo Day where their innovations will be presented to our Expert Review Committee and introduced to the world - stay tuned for more information.

As you probably know, we also recently launched a mentorship program that is matching seasoned experts with teams across a variety of disciplines.

We have also established a working group to help teams find funding sources and to connect with other COVID-19 projects around the world. Finally, check out the cool new graphic showing our incubator tracks on our website here.

Thanks again for your efforts, especially in these challenging times, and keep watching for our updates.

         - The Executive Committee


Current Focus | Natural Disaster Warning and Housing

We challenge our NAE and GCSP community to consider different ways that we can provide safe and equitable disaster warning and housing for vulnerable communities.

Past Focus | Reopening Our New Economy

We challenge our NAE and GCSP community to consider different ways that we can look to reopen our new economy safely and equitably. We encourage you to join our ideation space (please see “How It Works”) to learn more and continue this discussion in our 4 thematic working groups.

The NAE Call to Action on the COVID-19 Crisis current focus is meant to spur active conversation and ideation around said focus and eventually create tangible solutions for the new COVID-19 world.