Racial Justice and Equity

  • Created by NAE President John Anderson as a presidential advisory committee, the Racial Justice and Equity Committee will advise him and the NAE Council on ways that the engineering community and the NAE can address issues related to racial injustice and inequity.
Key Contacts

“Neither the NAE nor any other organization can solve all the societal problems associated with racism, prejudice, and discrimination, but it is our responsibility to do our best in recommending solutions based on scientific evidence and engineering methods,” said Dr. Anderson.

“Current events underscore how critical it is for us to redouble our efforts to include the perspectives of everyone as we build the future world that we want, one in which we are all valued equally. Engineers serve society, and to be effective engineers must be aware of societal problems in all dimensions.”

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The committee is tasked with:

  • Recommending ways to make NAE members and the general engineering community aware of racial injustice and inequity.
  • Recommending initiatives designed to increase the percentage of engineering degrees in higher education achieved by African Americans.
  • Developing strategies to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in the highest leadership positions of the NAE.
  • Recommending ways that technology can be used to improve racial justice.
  • Developing strategies for fundraising to achieve these tasks.

The committee will meet three times per year and provide recommendations to the NAE president that will be presented to the NAE Council.