Inclusive, Diverse, and Equitable Engineering for All (IDEEA)

Project Status
In Progress
November 17, 2023
Mark and Becky Levin, Estate of Betsy Ancker-Johnson, Christopher and Cathy Rogers, Carol K. Hall, David R. Walt and Michele May, Robin K. and Rose M. McGuire, Jeffrey Dean and Heidi Hopper, David A. Friedman and Paulette J. Meyer, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou and Tryphon Georgiou
  • Inclusive, Diverse, and Equitable Engineering for All (IDEEA) is a Center for programs that inform, inspire, and provide opportunities for K-12 marginalized youth and their caregivers to learn about and engage with engineering. Working closely with educators, communities, and families, IDEEA programs highlight the impacts of engineering in society and encourage youth to consider the rewards of an engineering degree and career.

    ***Inclusive, Diverse, and Equitable Engineering for All (IDEEA)***

Key Contacts

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) seeks to advance the well-being of the nation by promoting a vibrant engineering profession.  To broaden participation in societal decision making around issues of technology, generate more creative solutions to problems, and promote a more representative and robust engineering workforce, the program on Inclusive, Diverse, and Equitable Engineering for All (IDEEA) seeks to engage youth and provide them with opportunities to learn about and engage with the engineering profession. It houses projects that inform, inspire, and provide opportunities for marginalized youth (with particular focus on K-12) and marginalized groups (e.g., those of underrepresented races, ethnicities, genders, and abilities).

The internationally recognized EngineerGirl Program and resources have been a signature outreach activity of the NAE since 2001. New activities under development for IDEEA aim to support equitable, inclusive, and just involvement in engineering by building on the success of and expanding beyond EngineerGirl. These include a developing Engineering Pathways web platform and the NAE Engineering Ambassadors program for high school youth to share engineering experiences with younger students and their communities.

The IDEEA Steering Committee oversees the implementation IDEEA outreach programs for K-12 youth and advises the NAE about issues related to programming for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Membership of the Committee is drawn from the leadership of public and private institutions that play an active role in the development, promotion, and evaluation of engineering and engineering education programs and in the development and assessment of outreach and education programs, particularly for traditionally excluded populations in engineering and science.