Engineering Icons

Leo Beranek

Paul Allen


The careers of NAE members are studies in accomplishment and inspiration for engineers and non-engineers alike. The NAE tries to capture those careers in Memorial Tributes when a member has passed. For this piece we highlight the latest volume of Tributes, v.22.

It isn’t fair, appropriate, accurate or even possible to single out one memorial tribute as more inspiring than another, given the great diversity of engineering fields of NAE members, but just to highlight v.22 and encourage you to review some memorial tributes, we point to the oldest and youngest deceased members in the volume, Leo Leroy Beranek at 102 and Paul Allen at 65. Leo Beranek’s name is synonymous with acoustics and his company was responsible for the Alexander Graham Bell-like moment when the first message was transmitted over the internet. Paul Allen was the cofounder of Microsoft and shares credit for the enormity of the personal computer revolution we all take for granted today.