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April 01, 2019
National Science Foundation and Northrop Grumman Foundation
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At Engineer Your Life web site high school girls can "virtually" meet young women engineers and learn about their careers. This website has been retired.
Engineer Your Life Coalition Develops National Campaign to Reposition Engineering as a Creative, Exciting and Rewarding Field for Women
  • The key goal of Engineer Your Life (EYL) is to increase the participation of women in the engineering workforce by: • Reaching out to high school girls directly in a variety of ways with positive messages that accurately reflect the field of engineering and will inspire them to consider engineering for their own future. • Educating America’s more than one million engineers on how to use EYL’s messages to communicate more effectively. • Providing resources that high school science, math, and technology teachers can use to showcase: 1) the many appealing aspects of engineering, 2) the academic background needed to pursue engineering, and 3) the wide variety of career paths available in engineering. • Working closely with colleges and universities to improve the way they communicate with potential engineering students.

At Engineer Your Life web site high school girls can "virtually" meet young women engineers and learn about their careers. Twelve women tell their inspiring stories on the web site -- about working with their communities, solving real problems, and how they came to choose engineering as a profession. Eleven engineering fields are described at the site, with information on possible engineering projects, starting salaries, resources, and additional young engineers talking about their careers in their own words. A third section explains how to prepare for college engineering programs, with information on what high school classes to take, the experience of being an engineering student, and choosing an engineering program.

Parents, counselors, teachers, and other educators will also find useful information about engineering at the Web site, as well as resources and training for advising high school students about engineering careers. 

 The themes of Engineer Your Life:  




were developed through extensive research on ways to appeal to girls who are qualified to enter undergraduate engineering programs but who may not have considered engineering as a career. These themes are being used in a national campaign to encourage high school girls, assist guidance counselors and teachers, and mobilize engineers into outreach efforts. 

Additional funding provided by Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr. and the United Engineering Foundation (ASCE, ASME, AIChE, IEEE, AIME).